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Month: April 2024

The truth is I have to change, it’s like a light bulb hangs in my soul. There’s shivers on the surface of the river and I’m delivered from another night of drinking. In the thinking man’s Cafe I sink back a coffee with a copy of a book. I think the great poets have a name for it throughout history, it’s called publish or perish.

Pop music sends me down the rabbit hole to Michael Jackson’s tea party, to the bearded lady, the queer and the weird. Ivy starts to grow on their iron gates of hate, stilettos and a superman Cape, a peck on the cheek from Madonna is like a moon in the window, like a wink from the Mona Lisa.

Gym bodies, working off our sins. She flashes me a smile, I catch it and ride it all the way to the shore. Sore muscles, hustle at the next machine, the sweat pours. Testosterone and desperation have led me here.